Fiona Wallace Music and Broadcasting

**Currently open for teaching in the centre of Meads village **

Advanced singing tuition in Eastbourne, East Sussex

Sports Commentary and Race Announcing

ABRSM and Rockschool Exam Tutor

Member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians

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My name is Fiona Wallace and I am a professional singer and singing teacher, based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. I have many years of singing experience, having started with choral music as a child.

I trained in opera and classical music as a teenager, gaining a Distinction in ABRSM Grade 8 Voice, aged seventeen, when I studied with the wonderful Mary Nicholson in the north of Scotland.

In my early twenties I studied rock and pop singing with Sybil Esmore and Helena Shenel in London, where I performed in originals and covers pop-rock bands across the city. During the years that have since followed, I gained a degree in Professional Musicianship (Vocals), a diploma in Human Anatomy and Physiology, and further study with Estill Vocal Method teachers, and the late Pam Parry, voice-fixer extraordinaire.

All of this learning, plus years performing rock, pop and soul in covers bands, has put a few tricks up my sleeve. So, for the past 12 years I have been teaching in secondary, A-level and BTEC and private schools, at home or online.

As a classical singer who fell into singing rock music, a lot of changes occurred in my voice, and a few vocal techniques made no sense to me. So I ended up having to teach myself how to ‘belt’ safely, and how to allow the change from the lower range into the upper to show (‘yodelling’) and how to ‘cry’ in pop singing.

By allowing subtle changes in the vocal anatomy, we can produce the qualities we want. We can learn exactly what the body needs for the voice to create volume, power, clarity with natural tone, without hurting our vocal cords. We can replace old habits that cause tension and voice-crash, with new, healthy habits that will give us longevity.

The voice, powered by amazing but delicate muscles, is trainable, and this takes some dedication. If you would like to know how to go about this, find out what your individual needs as a singer are, and tap into a fresh, modern, and realistic way to improve your singing, please contact me to discuss private lessons, either on a regular basis or as a short course.

Find out more about what lessons entail, for beginners through to advanced singers, by following the ‘Lessons’ link in the menu above.

I am CRB checked and hold insurance with the Incorporated Society of Musicians.


Fiona was the first contemporary singing teacher that I had who had a huge impact on my confidence in my ability as a performer. Not only was she an amazing lady to work with, I also found that she always listened to any concerns I had and always helped me improve my technique in areas that i was uncomfortable with.

I really did feel like I was making progress every week, finding that I was actually reaching the goals I had set for myself. I still use many of the techniques and exercises she taught me regularly in practice and performance and really do believe that Fiona is an excellent teacher, both in terms of inspiring her students and in improving vocal technique.


I was taught by Fiona for a year and she helped me improve many aspects of my craft and musicianship. She really assisted me in developing my vocals and the variety of genres I sing.

Fiona also taught me a lot of anatomical knowledge of using the vocal cords, which was genuinely really interesting to learn. She helped improve my posture and bring my tone to its full potential. Fiona is also such a charismatic teacher that really motivates students and makes them want to succeed.



Fiona has been teaching me how to sing for over two years now, and it never fails to amaze me, her ability to make me get the best out of my voice, gain more confidence and to understand the physiology of the voice box and vocal cords.

She is not only an awesome, professional singing coach, but a genuinely lovely lady, who gives endless support and encouragement whilst applying her expert knowledge on singing exercises and techniques.

I never imagined I could come so far, but with Fiona behind me, I do feel I am making excellent progress in all aspects of my musical adventure.