Our first ‘Sing With A Band’ Workshop will run on Saturday 11th August in central Eastbourne this summer! The workshop will provide a fun and nurturing space for singers to explore all the technical and performance aspects of singing with a professional live band.

The workshop will be run by myself and Bruce Harding from ‘Guitar Lessons 2 You’. We are both fully DBS checked, members of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, so fully insured. All our equipment is PAT tested. Bruce and I front covers band ‘The Criminal Records’ and have around 50 years of gigging experience between us! We will also have a fully qualified first aider on site.

There will be some preparation required on your part for this workshop! The idea is to get you up and singing with the band by the end of the day, and in order for this to work, you will need to know your songs well in terms of structure, melody and lyrics before you get to us. This means we can spend the day working on the performance and band set-up rather than learning notes. If anyone would like a lesson with me at 94 Victoria Drive to sort any issues out before the day, please let me know! However, we are aiming to produce a set between us all of classic, well-known covers band tracks that everyone will enjoy.

You will need to have a look at the song list, and put three choices on your registration form, in order of preference. If there is really nothing on the list that you feel you could sing, I will need you to get back to me as soon as possible. Once I have confirmed your three choices, I will send over links to the versions the band will play on the day – this is very important to take note of, as some songs have an album version and radio version, and so on – so you need to make sure you will be ‘on the same page’ as the band! I will also send lyric sheets via email for you to print off. You will have one ‘main performance’ song and two to learn backing vocals for, however please take time to learn the main melody for all three songs, if you can, in case we have time to swap around.

We will have a break for lunch, so please bring your own, and make sure you bring plenty to drink over the course of the day. Please aim to arrive at 10am for a 10.30am start, with our gig beginning at 3.30pm – family and friends are invited to watch!

Cost is £30 for the day.

If you are interested in coming, email me at for further info and forms.

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